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Dolphin Crescent
Vivonne Bay
Kangaroo Island
South Australia

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Vivonne Bay – voted Australia’s best beach, but no-one’s told the crowds yet!


Sydney University researcher, Professor Anthony Short, gave Vivonne Bay his number one vote after spending 11 years exploring every part of Australia's coastline to evaluate 10,000 beaches (rating them on aspects such as clarity of water, privacy and cleanliness).

You would think that a beach voted “Best in Australia” would be a little more crowded than this. Serenely set along the southern coast of Australia’s Kangaroo Island, Vivonne Bay is one of the most scenic - and famous - beaches in all of Australia.

Over 2km long, the white sand stretches out to the horizon and simply begs to be walked at sunset, and consistent waves crash on the shoreline in a fusion of turquoise and white.

Even with all of its beauty, however, the long drive to the southern coast keeps the bay relatively empty, with long weekends and school holidays being the few exceptions to the rule.


Vivonne Bay is a small hamlet nestled in bushland and bounded by it's majestic coastline and the meandering Harriet River. Few of the homes have ocean views as the esplanade is protected crown land, providing a vegetated buffer between the houses and the beach.


Vivonne Bay’s long, curved, sandy beach is a superb site for picnics, beachcombing, surfing and fishing. Experienced surfers enjoy the wonderful turquoise waters. Fishing from the jetty, beach, boat or the Harriet River mouth is excellent. The beach can be accessed - on either side of the Harriet River - via either Bayview Road or Jetty Road (see map above).
Safe swimming areas can be found near the jetty and boat ramp, or the sandy-bottomed Harriet River that enters the bay nearby. 

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